nd meaning

nd Slang word for and. One of the many reasons I cannot successfully communicate with other teenagers through the internet, since they do not write in clear English. Spark Meaning ND Neurodivergent, a person who has a developmental disorder and/or a mental illness Opposite of neurotypical; Emma is autistic and is considered neurodivergent ND stands for Negligent discharge A negligent discharge (ND) is a discharge of a firearm involving culpable … Read more

Spark Meaning

a very small piece of fire that flies out from something that is burning, or one that is made by rubbing two hard things together, or a flash of light made by electricity: Sparks were flying out of the bonfire and blowing everywhere. You can start a fire by rubbing two dry pieces of wood together until you produce a spark.  SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Fire & flame beacon blaze bonfire brand bushfire campfire conflagration dumpster fire fire fireball firepit firestorm flame flare inferno open fire open … Read more