track meaning

What track means? a path or rough road that is made of soil rather than having a surface covered with stone or other material a type of path or road, often in the shape of a ring, that has been specially designed and built for sports events, especially racing   a sport in which people compete with each other by running a race on a specially prepared circular path: a natural path or rough road लोगों के चलने से बना रास्‍ता, पगडंडी या ऊबड़-खाबड़ सड़क Follow the dirt track through the wood. Follow the dirt track through the wood. … Read more

allocate meaning

Allocate Full Form al·​lo·​cate | \ ˈa-lə-ˌkāt  \ allocated; allocating Definition of allocate to give something to somebody as his/her share or to decide to use something for a particular purpose किसी कार्य के लिए धनराशि आदि निर्धारित करना; हिस्‍से के रूप में बाँटना Our task is to decide the best way to allocate scarce resources. No agreement was reached on how much money should be allocated. allocate someone something:  We allocate each student a personal tutor. allocate something to … Read more

prodding meaning

Definition of ’prodding’ proddingin British English (ˈprɒdɪŋ) NOUN 1.  the act or an instance of poking or jabbing with or as if with a pointed object 2.  the act or an instance of rousing or urging to action The children always needed prodding into tidying up their rooms. No amount of prodding could ever persuade him to help. I did my chores without prodding nd meaning … Read more